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Welcome to my Wardrobe. Have a look at my designs! Choose a category, or browse through the pieces by clicking the tags.

Found a model you like? Try to picture what colour would suit you best. What colours do you feel comfortable and good in? Pick one (or have the same model made multiple times in different colours), let me know your size, and I’ll make it for you!

Choice of fabric

We can also give the design a more unique look by using a fabric of your own choice. For me, there’s nothing as fun and stimulating as fabric-shopping! Take your mom, friend, sister, brother out to a fabric-shop and treat yourselves! Just drop it of and I can get started. Once you’ve found a design that suits you well, buy a couple of different fabrics (for summer, for winter), then have it made multiple times, so you have things to wear throughout the year!

Personal size

The next option is to order it in your own personal size. If you have trouble finding garments that fit you well, this is definitely the way to go. Personally I have difficulties with trousers and dresses for example, because apparently my proportions are different from the ones of the confection-sizes. Make an appointment with me so I can take your measurements. Once I have them I can apply them to all the designs!

First model in personal size + €18,-
Additional model in personal size + €11,50
Repeat order (same model but different color/fabric) Free
Alternative design

You can also alter the design slightly, by changing the length of the skirt or sleeves for example. Or do you like the skirt of one model, and the top or neckline of another? Use your imagination to give my designs your own personal touch: contact me, and we’ll make it work!

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