October 9, 2019


Do you have difficulties finding clothes that look, feel and fit great? With my concept you can easily create your own unique garments and wardrobe. Whether you like keeping things simple, or want to explore your creative side, you’ve come to the right place! It’s up to you how much you want to be involved in the designing process. Browse the wardrobe and decide which option suits you best for each model.

Slowfashion handmade in Belgium

Option 1
Keep it simple

Do you like a model as is? Just “Keep it simple” and choose your confection size and colour. Fill in the first form on the page, and I’ll make your garment for you!

Are you happy with your new piece of clothing? Has it become one of your wardrobe favourites? Why not order another in a different colour!

Option 1
Get creative

Do you like a design in the wardrobe, but want to adjust aspects like sleeve or skirt length? Or do you have a fabric at home you would like to have turned into a unique piece of clothing? Get creative, there are plenty of options here! Each design has it’s own specific attributes you can change, just fill in the second form, and I’ll contact you with details as soon as possible! Get an impression of the different fabric, size and alteration options below. The price will vary depending on the alterations you have requested and choices regarding size and fabric you have made.

Choice of fabric

Give the design a more personal look by using a fabric of your own choice. In my experience, there’s nothing as fun and stimulating as fabric shopping! Take your mom, friend, sister or brother out to a fabric shop and treat yourself! Why not consider buying a biological fabric? I will, of course, send you all the necessary information before you hit the shops, and you can find some general information about different types of fabrics and where to find them here.

Personal size

If you have trouble finding clothing that fits you well, having your garments tailored to your personal size is definitely the way to go. There are two options you can choose between: perfect fit and semi-fit. If you choose a close-fitting model made out of non-stretch fabric, I recommend you select the perfect fit: I’ll take your measurements and apply them to your chosen design! For most of the other models, such as loose-fitting models, the semi-fit option will suffice. For this option you can take your chest, waist and hip measurements, and I’ll apply them to your chosen design. Learn how to take these measurements yourself here.

Alternative design

You can easily change aspects like sleeve, skirt or trouser length, but also combining the top part of one dress, with the bottom part of another belongs to the possibilities. Are you perhaps not comfortable wearing short sleeves? No problem, many models can be made with longer sleeves (or no sleeves at all, if that’s what you want). Or have you been wearing trousers during the fall/winter, and would you like to have a summer version of them made? Just shorten the trouser legs. In addition most of the tops can be turned into dresses and vice versa, and you can also combine different aspects of different models.

Create your own unique wardrobe

Once you know which models you feel comfortable and confident in, you can start building your own unique wardrobe by adding a few personal touches to them here and there (or everywhere)!

From this wardrobe you can mix and match to your heart’s content to create diverse outfits for many different occasions. Wear a dress to a fancy party one night, put some trousers under it and turn it into a cool casual outfit the next. Work with layers to keep warm in winter, and take them of bit by bit in summer.

Personal contact

After receiving your form, I will contact you with the necessary information, for example concerning the estimated delivery time, price or a proposal for an appointment, depending on your wishes.