Tamsin trousers

Lea broek1

Photographs by Veerle Holierhoek – van Nunen

These trousers are made from a lovely supple viscose jersey (92% viscose, 8% elastan), and a band made from stretch linen (katoen 48%, linnen 25%, viscose 24%, elastan 3%). Because of this thin fabric, these trousers are ideal to wear under a tunic or dress.

Personalise the trousers by chosing your own fabric, or by playing with a difference in colour between the band and the trousers. You can also adjust the length. “Get creative” and give me your preferences under option two, or “Keep it simple”.

Lea broek2
Lea broek detail1

Lea broek3

Option 1
Keep it simple

Option 1
Get creative