The Tamsin dress is ideal to accentuate your female curves. The top is tight fitting and has a deep v-neck, the skirt starts widening at the waist and accentuates the legs by the difference in length between the front and the back. You can also adjust the model by adding sleeves to it. Another idea is to give the dress an even more dramatic effect by lengthening the skirt to your ankles. The dress is made from stretch fabric making it very comfortable to wear.

Price excl. fabric €70


The Tamsin pant starts at hip-height with an elastic band and has straight-falling legs. It's made from lovely supple jersey fabric, making it very comfortable to wear. It looks great in combination with a top as well as with a tunic or dress. You can adjust the model by changing the length of the legs.

Price excl. fabric €50


With this skirt version of the Tamsin you can go in many directions when it comes to the choice of fabric. Unlike it's parent it is not made from stretch fabric, expanding the options, from a light imprinted cotton to a heavy linen or even corduroy. The original version is knee-length all around, but of course you can opt for the difference in skirt length as with the dress, or shorten or lengthen the skirt. Trust me, you'll feel like spinning around in no time when wearing this skirt.

Price excl. fabric €55


This variation on the Tamsin dress is completely open in the front and has long sleeves making it into a cardigan. Combine it with the Tamsin dress in winter, create a contrast in shapes by wearing it over the Aloysia dress, or keep it casual by combining it with the Tamsin trousers and Inge top. Each outfit is as comfortable as the next!

Price excl. fabric €100

Interested? Send me a message and I’ll give you the fabric and size options!