Confection size

Generally speaking, the confection size will assure you of a good fit with a garment made out of stretch fabric and models that aren’t close-fitting or tight. The size chart below will help you determine the correct confection size.

In addition to the standard confection size I offer length sizes:

Send me a message if you want to use this option.

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If you have trouble finding clothing that fits you well, or have chosen a model that’s tight or close-fitting, I advise the Semi-fit option. All you need to do is send me your chest, waist and hip circumference and your body length. You can take these measurements yourself, but it’s easier to ask someone for help, especially for measuring the chest circumference.

Chest circumference

Stand up straight, but keep your stance natural, and measure the chest circumference on the widest point. Make sure that the measuring tape doesn’t fall below your shoulder blades, but over them.

Waist circumference

Your waist circumference should be measured on the most narrow point of your upper body. If you’re not sure where exactly this is, you can wind an elastic band around the middle of your upper body, bend over and stand up straight again. The elastic band will move to the waist.

Hip circumference

This measurement is taken on the widest point of your bottom. So don’t measure at the height of your hipbone, but take the circumference of the seat.


If you choose a close-fitting model made out of non-stretch fabric, I recommend the perfect fit option. I will first take your measurements, and then use them to make a first version of the garment made out of light cotton (a muslin). In two or more fitting sessions I will adjust this muslin until it fits your body perfectly. Once this is done, I will adjust the pattern of the model to match this muslin. As a final step, I will make the chosen design with this pattern, resulting in a garment that will fit you perfectly.

In most cases I can use the measurements I’ve taken and the muslin I’ve made for other designs as well. So, if your weight didn’t change between the time I took you measurements and made the muslin, and the time you’d like me to apply them to an additional design, I generally won’t need to repeat these steps.

The extra cost for having your garment made to measure is €70,-