your own personal seamstress

It used to be quite common for many people and families to have their own seamstress or tailor. You’d buy a piece of fabric (and a pattern) at the market or in a shop and delivered it to the seamstress. Nowadays this mostly only happens if you happen to have someone that enjoys sewing in your circle of friends and family. How cool would it be to bring back this concept?!

Someone that will get to know your body and taste. Someone that gives you a heads-up about a nice fabric that you would like, and could easily turn it into a beautiful dress, trousers, coat etc. Every piece being handmade and ecologically responsible.

Once I’ve taken your measurements and made a base pattern on your size, I can make endless amounts of designs and variations. For most models it won’t even be necessary anymore to have fitting sessions. Besides that, I only need to adjust each model to your personal size once, so for each second version of a model you can cut down on costs!

Interested? Contact me!