Lou pantsuit

Lou broekpak2

Photographs by Veerle Holierhoek – van Nunen

For the Lou pantsuit I chose a fabric made from linen (55%) and viscose (45%) with a melange effect. The straight trousers with crease have two pockets, and a wide band with two buttons that sits between waist and hip height. The blazer has one button at the waist that ensures you have ample room to move around. The slightly wider shoulders also add to this effect.

Would you like to have this pantsuit made to measure, or use your own fabric? Check out the different options under “Get creative”. Do you want to “Keep it simple” and only choose your size and colour? Go for option one. You can also, of course, order the trousers and blazer separately from one another.

Lou broekpak4
Lou broekpak detail2

Lou broekpak detail4

Option 1
Keep it simple

Option 1
Get creative