Since I love designing, but think it’s great to stimulate or support people in their own creativity as well, I offer two services.

First of all, you can choose a design from my Wardrobe. Just pick a colour and a size, and I’ll make it for you! Would you like to use your own fabric, and/or have it tailored to your own personal size? No problem, just make an appointment with me. Once I have your measurements, they can be applied to all designs. You can also alter the design slightly, by changing the length of the skirt or sleeves for example. Or do you like the skirt of one model, and the neckline of another? Send me a message, we’ll talk and figure something out!

Or, would you like to take it one step further and have an even bigger say in the piece you want to wear? Step into my Atelier and let me help you with your design. Let’s sit down together, figure out what you feel comfortable in, what it is that you want to express with your garment, and create a unique piece made especially for you.


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