Hiya, I’m Lea, thanks for visiting my site and giving me the chance to share my passion: Making clothes, accessories and interior design in a way that’s fair and friendly to my surroundings. Using leftovers and other eco-friendly materials makes me a happy girl. Can I make you happy by making something for you? Have a look at my services down below! Any questions? Contact me at

Handmade quality

Made in Belgium with passion and know-how

Creative expression

Garments that match

Made with sustainable materials






Longer lifespan

Good working conditions

Lasting pleasure

Less pieces needed

Good for man and environment

DIY - Design it yourself

Personalise timeless models by choosing your own fabric! You can also adjust aspects like skirt or sleeve length, and even choose to make the garment to your own personal measurements. Have you found models that make you feel comfortable as well as confident? Start compiling your own unique wardrobe! You don’t need many pieces to create a range of different outfits. Choose for example colours that match each other well, and work/think in layers. Like that you can combine to your hearts desire. Wear a dress to party one evening, and turn it into an everyday outfit the next by wearing some trousers under it. Wear layers in the winter to keep warm and take them off one by one towards the summer. Another idea: order your favourite model in both winter and summer fabric! I’m here to help you on your way when it comes to finding fabrics

Copying a garment​

Is your favourite piece of clothing all worn out? Or do you enjoy wearing it so much you’d like a second one? No problem! For €45 I’ll draw a pattern based on your garment and put a fabric selection together for one copy. If you’d like more than one copy, for example for multiple seasons, the additional price per fabric is €15. The price for making the garment depends on the model and materials. I will give you an estimation of this so you have an idea before ordering.

Pattern made to measure​

Do you like getting busy behind the sewing machine yourself, but find it difficult to find or make a good pattern? No worries, I’m here to help!

I can for example offer a so called ‘base pattern’ on your measurements. This is basically a mold of your body in 2D. You can order a base pattern for clothing for your upper body, or for clothing for your lower body. You can use these patterns to make variations; change the type of sleeve, neckline, skirt, etc. For €40 I’ll take your measurements and draw one base pattern. A second pattern will cost an additional €20.

Are you looking for a pattern of a specific model? You’ve come to the right place for that as well. Contact me to discuss your idea and for an extra €40 I’ll draw your pattern!