This chiffon is made entirely from polyester, a synthetic fibre that ensures this fabric is longwearing and easy to maintain. The plain weave and high-twist yarns result in a fabric that’s a bit rough to the touch and has a slight stretch.

The fabric is very thin, very light and see-through. Since this fabric doesn’t breath nor absorb, you’ll never have to worry about sweatstains. Another positive side of this chiffon is that it hardly wrinkles.

In order to give your garment a long life, it’s important to pay attention to the washing process: To start with, only wash clothing when it’s dirty. Always sort your laundry by type of fabric and colour. Use the right laundry detergent and the right amount. Don’t stuff your machine with too much laundry. Turn your clothes inside out (also for ironing). Avoid the tumble-drier if possible, it uses a lot of energy and is generally not good for you clothes.

Wasvoorschrift chiffon

Polyester chiffon is easy to maintain. You can wash it at maximum 40° on a delicate (wool/silk) program, and you can put it in the tumble-drier. Ironing won’t often be necessary, but if so do it on a low temperature.

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