NL The fabric determines what the model eventually looks like. This way, you can create many different styles with just one model. But why do different fabrics have such a different look and feel? And how can you make an environmentally and socially responsible choice? On this page you can find a short overview of […]


EN De stof bepaalt hoe een model er uiteindelijk uitziet, zo kun je met één model veel verschillende stijlen realiseren. Maar waar ligt dat verschil in uitstraling en stijl van al die stoffen eigenlijk aan? En hoe kun je bewust omgaan met mens en milieu bij het kiezen van een stof? Op deze pagina kun […]

Impact on man and environment

NL Textile production The production of textiles consists of many steps and, all throughout this process, choices concerning environment, safety, and health are made. Unfortunately, the fashion industry still often ignores its impact on all of these aspects. For example, a lot of water and pesticides are used for the cultivation of cotton, while the […]


EN Viscose wordt gemaakt door hout-, katoen- of bamboecellulose chemisch te bewerken, waarna de verkregen oplossing wordt gesponnen tot garen. Het behoort hiermee tot de natuurlijke kunstvezels. Het is een zachte, relatief zware maar dunne stof, en valt daardoor heel soepel, en is erg comfortabel om te dragen. Viscose is erg absorberend en daardoor makkelijk […]

Impact op mens en milieu

EN Textielproductie Het produceren van textiel kent veel verschillende stadia en van begin tot eind worden er constant keuzes gemaakt omtrent milieu, gezondheid en veiligheid. Helaas negeert de mode industrie veelal nog zijn impact op deze aspecten. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de verbouwing van katoen, waarbij heel veel water en pesticiden worden gebruikt. Aan de andere […]

Seated in Sittard

NL Hiya, welcome to my website, I’m Lea Athene! I’ve been designing and making unique clothing since 2003., I’ve had a passion for fabric my entire life, which likely began when my mum gave me a beautiful piece of silk as a baby, with which I couldn’t stop fiddling. From an early age, I was […]


NL There’s nothing as inspiring and comforting as strolling by fabric stalls or walking through a fabric shop for hours and touch and compare all the fabrics. As autodidact I’ve always experimented a lot with fabrics, on top of which I started knitting at a young age, giving me ample experience with the material. Because […]


NL Viscose is made by treating wood or cotton cellulose with chemicals, after which the obtained solution is spun into yarn. This is why it belongs to the natural artificial fibres. It’s a soft, relatively heavy but thin fabric, causing it to fall very supple, and making it very comfortable to wear. Viscose is very absorbent […]


NL Modal is made by treating beechwood with chemicals, after which the obtained solution is spun into yarn. This is why it belongs to the natural artificial fibres. It’s soft, breathing, stretch and relatively heavy, causing it to fall supple and making it very comfortable to wear. It has a long longevity, is absorbent and […]

Cotton jersey

NL This cotton jersey consists of 94% cotton and 6% elastomer. Cotton fibres come from the cotton plant, and are spun into yarn. In this case this cotton yarn is knitted, resulting in a stretch fabric. It’s sturdy, breathing, stretch, and soft, making it very comfortable to wear. That’s why this fabric is often used […]